Azure Batch Rendering
Introducing Azure's Rendering Platform
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Why Render On Azure?

Pay-Per-Use Licensing
Easily scale to thousands of cores and only pay for what you use. No license servers or complicated networking required, just launch virtual machines with the applications you need and pay for compute resources and software on an on-demand basis.

Easy Deployment and Flexibility
Get started in no time by leaving the plumbing and resource management to Azure Batch. You have full access to VMs allowing complete customization of your environment as well as troubleshooting any issues. Batch provides a flexible programming model and SDK so you can easily integrate your own pipeline and workflow.
Familiar Tools
Use our rich client plugins for industry standard applications to manage rendering workloads, including submission and monitoring of rendering jobs, without having to learn new tools or applications.

Render with Confidence
Azure is committed to the highest levels of trust, transparency, regulatory compliance and standards conformance such as MPAA. Deploy on secure infrastructure used by 85% of the Fortune 500.

State of the Art Infrastructure
Deploy your rendering workloads on a wide range of virtual machines based on your needs and requirements. Deploy best price-performance VMs all the way to high-end accelerated VMs powered by NVIDIA's GPUs.

Anywhere & Anytime
Azure today is supported by a growing network of datacenters in various regions with a total of over 30 regions. Azure is also available in 140 countries including China and Germany with support in US Government Cloud.

Currently Supported

In Limited Preview

Jellyfish Pictures is an award-winning visual-effects and animation studio based in London, England. They use Microsoft Azure to augment its on-premises rendering farm with on-demand high-performance computing (HPC) resources. By using Azure resources, Jellyfish can bid on bigger jobs, better meet deadlines, and reduce capital and labor costs

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Oceaneering is a subsea engineering and applied technology company based in Houston, Texas, U.S. that provides engineering services and hardware to customers who operate in marine, space, and other environments.

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PipelineFX's intelligent render farm manager integrates with Microsoft Azure to help top Scandinavian animation studio Qvisten complete “Anchors Up,” a new, nautical CG feature

Solution Providers

"By using HPC resources in Azure, we have a lot more confidence in going after big jobs. Azure helps creative studios like Jellyfish deliver on time and budget however large the task.”

Jeremy Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Jellyfish Pictures
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